List of Features

Capexplan Core Features

  • Create detailed Capex/Opex requests
  • Reach out to approvers automatically
  • Approve/Reject/Comment/Seek Info on requests
  • Track expenditures (purchase orders, internal orders, invoices, receptions)
  • Create Standalone requests, Projects, Envelopes
  • Create, approve, and manage multi-year budgets
  • Allocate capital to business units and groups
  • Manage assets individually or with multiple WBS
  • Close & Review Capex/Opex once completed
  • Central file management
  • Complete asset inventory. Track asset condition from purchase to replacement

User Management

  • Add normal users, Super Users
  • Import users
  • Set flexible permissions (access, read, write) per user
  • Create organization structure
  • Create and customize approval policies
  • Determine permitted currencies
  • Set cost of capital per country
  • Define custom fields in request forms
  • Transfer approval rights during holidays
  • Transfer of approval flows and current approvals upon user leave
  • Create alerts on custom events (ex: actuals reached 95%)

Software Options

  • Implement all approval policies and limits
  • Create approval groups for specific requests (IT, Procurement, Production…)
  • Allocate multiple approval limits per user and per currency
  • Set mandatory fields in capex forms
  • Split costs over one or multiple business units
  • Customize numbering system for requests
  • Define approval path (Sequenced, Parallel)
  • Automatic executive summary creation
  • Define priority levels
  • Multi-language (English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Portuguese)
  • Audit trail for entire process (creation to closing)

Budget & Forecasting

  • Create multi-year budget proposals
  • Budget approval flow distinct from regular capex approvals
  • Portfolio manager for overseeing all budgets
  • Complete budget management (budgeted vs approved, vs forecast vs actuals)
  • Detailed forecasting (monthly, quarterly, annually) as well as revised, available and total forecast
  • Automatic import of previous year carryovers, budgeted, forecasted and ideas into new budget
  • Budget creation recycle bin to keep all items removed from approved budget
  • Detailed cash flow and cash out tracking


  • SAML 2.0 /SSO (Single SignOn)
  • Bulk import budgets and chart of accounts
  • Integrate any field with any ERP system (including SAP/Oracle/MS Dynamics and many others)
  • Explan Suite
  • Import historical capex requests, budgets, and actuals from current system into Capexplan


  • Custom reporting with complete report generator
  • Track expenditures per business unit of any group
  • Report on any field capture, even custom fields
  • All financials (IRR, NPV, ROI, Payback, others) and KPIs
  • Complete dashboard overview
  • Export to other systems
  • Consolidate in any currency

Support and Extras

We got you covered. When you purchase seats for users, all extras are included.

  • Training to Super Users and normal users: Included
  • Unlimited support: Included
  • Software updates and upgrades: Included
  • Number of users: Unlimited (see pricing page for price per user)
  • Number of Super Users: Unlimited
  • Storage: Unlimited
  • Secure access: Included
  • Redundancy and Backups: Included
  • Access via browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera

Feature, function, or report missing?

If your company uses a function, feature, or report which we do not have, please contact us. While we cannot make promises, generally speaking, if your company has a need that can benefit other companies, we will be happy to add it to our software and deploy the new feature or report to all. Free of any charge. Read here:  How it works

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