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No, the ExPlan Suite modules require nothing more than an internet browser to operate, so no need to install anything on your computer.

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Each module of the ExPlan Suite comes with the possibility of adding an unlimited number of users. We only limit the maximum storage space per license to 100 GB in order to prevent abuse from companies using the storage as a backup for other non-related data. The 100 GB allocation per module of cloud storage space is usually more than enough for even large companies or organizations.

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You will need an internet browser with a recent version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Apple Safari and a computer or virtually any mobile device. While the modules work on portable devices, users may find it easier to operate with a computer simply because of the graphics and reports that it can produce. However, you can easily work from tablets with adequate screen sizes.

Category: ExPlan

ExPlan refers to Expert Planning and all modules in our Online Business Productivity Suite have names that reflect this. Our CapExPlan module stands for Capital Expenditures Expert Planning and our RealExPlan stands for Real Estate Expert Planning.

Each module comes in a standard version as well as an Express version. The different versions enable users to get the appropriate mix of value and affordability.

We geared the standard versions towards medium and large-sized organizations while we designed the Express versions for companies and organizations that want to experience some of the potential features before using standard versions.

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