• Implementation is a crucial part of your process and will make the difference between a successful project and a failure (one that is dragging along).
  • Because of this, we take the time to plan in detail each customer implementation that we do. We then propose you a timeline based on your needs, your internal resources, your objectives, as well as any other factor that needs to be considered.
  • Our implementations are normally divided into a number of phases and milestones, with each phase representing a specific set of your account setup. While phases like Organizational Charts, General Settings, Integration (ERPs), Budgets, Approval Policies, and Training are standard and normally well defined, others such as the development of specific functions for your needs will be designed in partnership with you. The objective is to identify any additional functions, features and reports that needs to be added, and provide sufficient time for their design, implementation, and testing.
  • For those that need it, we can provide you with Staging environments, so that we can design and test new functions, with your data, without any impact to your Production account
  • Once our testing are done and any historical data (from previous systems) is loaded into your account, we are ready for the go-live and begin our Hypercare.
  • Before and during implementation, we will provide in detail all the information that we need to set up your account. While configurations and setup is mostly done by our implementation team in order to help and save time, you can participate in the setup of your account during the entire process. We will show you what we are doing as we set up your account and add any new feature required. Many super users participate enough during the process that by the time training takes place, they already know most of the software.
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