Successful Implementation

Successful capex management
software implementation

Software implementation can make the difference between a successful project and a complete disaster. Having an automated capex management process is much more than simply purchasing a software. It is the implementation that will determine if the overall process is a success or a failure.

At Almiranta, each implementation is important, regardless of the size of our customer. Each capex management software implementation, whether simple or complex follows a well-established project process which consists of multiple phases. Each phase is then broken down into smaller tasks which are easy to determine in detail, assign, and track progress.

For each phase of your Capexplan implementation account, specific team members are assigned to your account. They are specialists in their field such as general implementation and set up, integration, data upload, as well as other fields.

A typical capex management software implementation will
normally have between 3 and 5 points of contacts, to provide you with help and support during the entire process.