CAR flows

Car Flows

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. A Capex request has already been approved but is not showed in the correct panel.  
  2. All approvers shall approve the same CER data and document. If initial data (financial evidences and the object such as legal entity, function, sbl) is changed, system must restart the workflow from the beginning.  
  3. As a coordinator, I must be able to manage the flow order and suppress an approver if needed.  
  4. As a creator, can I create a CER from scratch, duplicate a CER or create an extension?  
  5. As a user can I see the progress of the workflow?  
  6. As an approver I want to be notified when a task/validation is assigned to me. The notification will contain a link to the system and detail.  
  7. Can users see the list of their active tasks in the home page?  
  8. Our company is established in different countries with various approval policies, is Capexplan flexible enough for our needs?  
  9. Possibility to generate a different approval flow for some specific Capex Requests?  
  10. Purpose of Project Timeline in Cost Breakdown when creating a CAR.  
  11. Request is waiting for approval, but there is no approver shown.  
  12. System shall allow to design, easily edit a workflow System and shall generate workflow based on predefined rules.  
  13. System shall limit to only internal staff for CER creation.  
  14. System should manage the delegation of validation. Once the user is back (delegation date over), all CERs are back to the original approver if not validated.  
  15. Users are not able to select business units directly in the request, what should be done?  
  16. What are the consequences of modifying the approval tree?  
  17. What happens when someone rejects a request?  
  18. What type of Capital Expenditures can Capexplan create?  
  19. When I open a CER, users should be able to see the approval flow, the document, and some key fields.  
  20. Why is the system automatically approving some Capex Requests?  
  21. Would Capex send a note to approvers to remind them for the approval of the requests?  
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