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We tried creating a request and said no to budgeted. The page said it would create a sub-budget. Can you explain this please?
Last Updated 3 years ago

While creating a request and it is already budgeted, the initiator can go into the budget and select which item of the budget that the request is associated to. The system will extract the information from the budget, to populate some fields of the CAPEX request. For example, a budget to replace production equipment has been set, and later when it’s time to create a request for production equipment, knowing that it is already budgeted, the initiator has just to tell the system that it is budgeted and select which item in the budget it is.

However, if one creates a request and it is not yet budgeted for, the system will then create a sub budget for this new request. A sub budget is simply a new line in the budget for the item that has been created by the new request. For example, if the user creates a request for a new heating system, and the system is being told that it is not budgeted. It will create a new sub budget which will attach to my existing budget (which we call the Master Budget).

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