Capexplan is the world's most flexible capital expenditure management software. It enables companies and organizations plan, approve, and track their entire capex and opex process. Capexplan can be customized for just about everything, right down to the terminology of your capex request fields. From budget planning to asset management, Capexplan includes all the features you need for a complete capex and opex management.

  • Completely Customizable for your needs
  • Guaranteed deliver to meet your specs
  • All Included. No hidden costs, no implementation fees
  • A custom solution for the price of an off-the-shelf


Capexplan is an enterprise capital (and operational) expenditure planning, authorizing, and tracking software. It enables companies of any size to rapidly create and/or import multi-year budgets,  allocate capital, create capex/opex requests, and submit them for approval.

Capexplan also comes with all the tools to help you manage your budgets, forecast and track where your money is going, and why.

How Capexplan Works

Capexplan uses a simple process that enables you to rapidly and intuitively allocate capital to all business units of your company or organization and setup approval policies for users. Once completed, users can start to generate complete capital and operational expense requests and submit them for approval.

Setup the Approval Policies of Your Company

Determine the approval limit of each
users in the system

See details of the Approval Process

Create Detailed Capex/Opex Requests

Users can rapidly create detailed requests and submit them for approval

Review and Approve

Capexplan reaches out to the users that need to approve the request, based on their approval limit

Software benefits for companies

  • Streamlining of the entire expenditures process. Capexplan enables companies to speed up the capex/opex approval process
  • Standardization of requests. Each request submitted for approval will include all detailed information in a standard manner, with no information missing.
  • Tracking of expenditures. Track expenditures at individual request, project level or envelope. Capexplan also comes with alarms for spending over approved amounts
  • Compliance to company policies. Capexplan enables companies to follow their policies. No more expenditures slipping between the cracks without proper approval.
  • Consolidation of information. See where the money is going and why. Take better decisions on capex and opex investments

Improve your Capex Process Today

Adapt Capexplan to Your Needs

Create your company or organization complete org chart. Setup specific approval policies for each user.

Cloud Based

Nothing to install.
Simply use any internet browser and start working.


Add as many users as needed. Simply purchase additional seats when needed.


Replicate all your company approval policies, from approver groups to priority levels.


Create your company's structure, from org charts to budgets and allocations.


From request creation to approval, Capexplan makes the entire process a rapid one.

Easy to Use

Capexplan leaves you more time to create and approve requests.


Intuitive reporting lets you see where your money is going and why.


Capexplan includes everything you need to plan, create & approve requests in your company.


Capexplan offers companies and organizations the ability to get up and running their capex and opex process in no time. Simply setup your account, add your users and your approval policies and you are set to go.

Capexplan will not only standardize and speed up your entire approval process, it will also provide you with valuable insight as to where your money is going and why.


Select the number of Capexplan users needed

All prices below are per year

Number of Users

Still using spreadsheets?

Companies using numerous spreadsheets to manage their capital and operational expenditures will appreciate the many advantages of replacing their existing processes with Capexplan

Speed up the approval process

Capexplan automatically reaches out to the people that need to approve the request, speeding up the entire process



Slow process

Spreadsheets often require approvers to sign paper requests, which can get stuck in the internal mail for weeks


Standardize all requests

With capexplan all requests submitted for approval are complete and in a standard format



No standard format

Using spreadsheets, the requests can come in virtually any format and important information can be missing


Follow company policies

Capexplan ensures that all approved requests follow the company's policies



Low policy compliancy

With spreadsheets, requests can be missing signatures or do not always follow the company's policies


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Capexplan come with training and support?

Capexplan includes all training needed to be fully operational. Training is included free of charge, so is unlimited support.

Do I need to install any software?

No, the ExPlan Suite modules require nothing more than an internet browser to operate, so no need to install anything on your computer.

What do I need to use the modules?

You will need an internet browser with a recent version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Apple Safari and a computer or virtually any mobile device. While the modules work on portable devices, users may find it easier to operate with a computer simply because of the graphics and reports that it can produce. However, you can easily work from tablets with adequate screen sizes.

How many people can use one licence?

Each module of the ExPlan Suite comes with the possibility of adding an unlimited number of users. We only limit the maximum storage space per license to 100 GB in order to prevent abuse from companies using the storage as a backup for other non-related data. The 100 GB allocation per module of cloud storage space is usually more than enough for even large companies or organizations.

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