Capex Budget

Capex Budgeting

Capexplan enables your company to conduct strategic capex budget planning for your entire company, from the creation of proposed budgets, up to the budget approval.

Users with permissions can create multiple budget proposals and scenarios in order to optimize their planning. Financials (NPV, IRR, Payback period, Profitability Index, Savings, and Cost avoidance) and priorities can be added to each budgeted element.

Add and remove rows as needed and drag any element no longer needed to the recycle bin for later time usage. Capex budget elements can be created at high level using buckets, or with a project process in mind, using Envelopes, Projects and Standalones. Budgets can also be created at the detailed element level, with each budgeted element entered separately.

Create or import

With Capexplan you can either create your capex budgets or Import them from other systems. Both can be part of your capex budgeting process. Create long term planning and optimize your entire investment portfolio by adding financial metrics such as IRR, ROI, Payback, PI, Savings & Cost Avoidance

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Overview at a glance

Capexplan enables you to see your budgeted, forecasted, and spent capex for all your business units. Consolidate information in the currency of your choice

Budget Management
Budget Management

Capex budgets can be planned for up to 50 years at a time. Users can create as many budget proposals as they want and submit them for approval. Capexplan also allows users to transfer money from one budget to another one and include a transfer approval flow if needed

Streamline your entire Capex budget process

Process of budget approval flow

Mid-year revision

If you need to reopen budgets during the year, simply reopen the budget as a revision. This will create an editable copy of your capex budget baseline, which can be edited and resubmitted again for approval. Once approved, this will become your new baseline for the rest of the year. Copy your baseline and create new mid-year proposal if needed. You can also propose mid-year revision and get it approved

Capex budget revision process