Adding New Features

At Almiranta, we have built our software using the ideas and comments of numerous companies, and we are always open to new ones.

If your company uses a function, feature, or report which we do not have, please contact us. While we cannot make promises, generally speaking, if your company has a need that can benefit other companies, we will be happy to add it to our software and deploy the new feature or report to all. Free of any charge.

How it works:

You layout your idea of what you would need and we come back with a proposal for how we see the new function or report. If your idea makes sense and can improve Capexplan, and help other companies, we will give you a timelines for development. You can then participate in providing comments and feedback during the development stage. Once ready we will deploy the improvement to all customers.

The only requirement is that your idea must meet 3 criteria:

If your request passes the test, we will take a serious look at it. It might also help you rethink your own process. After all, if your request is so special that no other company would have any need for it, you might question if that request is really needed.