Capexplan can Connect with virtually any system in order to import and export information. Regardless if you need to integrate with your ERP system over our APIs, or simply need a periodic import via css to other format, Capexplan can deliver. Import and export budgets, Capex requests (both current and history), as well tracking information (purchase orders, receptions, invoices). You can also integrate with your SSO systems to help streamline your process.

Generate Reports
Generate Reports
  • Produce reports per cost, per reason, per business unit
  • Track Budget vs Actuals

Export data to produce custom reports outside of Capexplan

Import current or past data into Capexplan to consolidate all capex history into one place

Create Capital Acquisition Request
Create Capital Acquisition Request
  • Create company org chart, approval policies
  • Create and manage multiple budgets
  • Allocate funds to business units

Import budgets and chart of accounts from accounting system /ERP (ex: SAP/ Oracle/Dynamics)

Import data from Enexplan (users, org chart)

Use WBS numbering system to create requests

Attach any document type to the request

Manage Capital Expenditure
Manage Capital Expenditure
  • Add costs against expenditures
  • Seek re-approval if over budget

Integrate vendor invoices from accounting system/ERP to avoid double entry when tracking expenses

Approve Capital Expenditure
Approve Capital Expenditure
  • Approvers can comment, approve, or reject the request

Integrate with SSO system for user access (using SAML 2.0)

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