Customize Everything

Customize your capital expenditure
management process

Capexplan lets you customize your entire capital expenditures management process the exact way you want, without any need for coding. Need to create custom capex or opex request forms? Want to create your own emails which the system will send out for approvals, alerts, or anything else? Capexplan has got your back.
Each company, each organization is different. Because of this, we designed Capexplan with maximum flexibility in mind. We can adapt the software for each unique company or organization. The day you go-live, you have a tool that meets your exact needs.

During implementation we can customize virtually all aspects of your capital expenditure management process, in order to meet your specific requirements. Anything that is not needed can simply be hidden with the click of a button. Any field that needs to be renamed can be edited easily. Financial templates and calculations can be adapted to your company. Users can also create as many different templates for capex and opex requests as they need. There is no coding required and your super user access will provide you with all the controls to customize your account. And of course, our implementation and support teams will always be next to you to help.  Once your training is completed and your account is fully setup, you will have full control over your account.

There are no additional fees for customization, even in the event that we need to create new functions for your company. This is included in the price per user. If anything is needed, we will sit down together and design the new functions. Then we can deploy on you dev (staging) servers so you can test the improvements without impacting your production account. Once you are ready, then we can deploy the new function, feature, or report on your production environment.