Core Features

Your Capital Expenditure Software comes Loaded with Features

Capexplan comes with all the functions, features, and reports you need to manage your entire capex and opex process. It is a complete capital expenditure software that brings you practical tools for everyday capex management. From planning, submitting, and approving budgets to creating multiple templates for capex and opex request. Capexplan brings you a complete toolbox that is fully customizable.

Need to create projects? No worries, Capexplan includes four levels of requests which can be created to include sub-requests. For example, an envelope can contain multiple projects. These in turn can include multiple capex and/or opex request. They in turn can include smaller requests such as professional studies.

But no capital expenditure software would be complete without powerful approval and tracking features. And Capexplan is there for you. Once your request is completed, you can submit it for approval and get it approved. Capexplan includes a total of 15  different status during the process, ranging from Approval, Cancel, Rework, Paused/Resumed, Approved, Reapproval, Tracking, Complete as well as others. Everything to replicate what happens in real life in your company.

Capex software core features

Core Features

Capital expenditure software core feature project management
Capital expenditure software email function

Advanced Features

Improving Capexplan with you

Over time we have added functions, features, and reports that companies have requested to make Capexplan a better product. Capexplan now includes everything to manage your capex process.

We continue to improve our capital expenditure software on a regular basis. We normally deploy around 500 updates per year. Because of this, we can provide a wide range of functions, features, and reports for our customers.

Our five-year roadmap includes improvements that many departments will appreciate. Maintenance, sustainability, supply chain, operations, as well as others will have access to additional management tools to help them in their day-to-day work.