Audit Everything

Audit your Capex and Opex Process

In today’s world, company policies, governance, and auditing have become crucial parts of companies management processes. Capexplan audits your capex and opex process by recording everything that happens. It provides you with a dashboard where you can see in real time who did what and where. This, throughout the entire software. Every setting that is changed, every detail of capex approval process, each comment made, each budget sent for approval and much more. Capexplan provides a timestamp which includes user name, email, and title.

The dashboard is organized in specialized views, so you can rapidly see what is happening.

This enables you to audit your capex and opex process by:

  • Settings changed by super users
  • Approval flows modified
    Uploads and downloads of documents
  • Budgets created and submitted
  • Complete audit log of all approvals (requests and budgets)
  • Change of settings for regular users

With Capexplan’s Activity Log Dashboard, you have a complete audit trail of everything relating
to your capital expenditure management process.